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Selecting Your Spring Rate
The spring rate you need depends on the bike’s weight, your weight, and the intended usage. Basically we’re going to take the total weight of you and the bike and divide it by a number, chosen based on your bike type and the type of riding you do. First though, let’s explain a few terms and concepts
Bike weight – This is the actual weight of the motorcycle, including a full tank of gas. Motorcycle magazine road tests are the best place to get this number, since the weight listed by the manufacturer is almost always low. If all you have is the manufacturers listed weight, add 30 lbs to it. Gasoline weighs 6 lbs. per gallon, so add 25 or so lbs. for a typical tank. Do NOT add the weight of anything carried in saddle bags or a tail trunk, and don’t add a passenger’s weight either.

Your weight – Your weight, including all riding gear. Put on all your stuff and hop on the bathroom scale.

Riding Style:
Racing – self explanatory
Aggressive Street – Hard street riding, including heavy braking and aggressive riding in the twisties.
Normal Street – Some hard braking, not as fast in the corners.
Relaxed Cruising/Touring – Moderate pace, no hard cornering.

Spring Rate Calculator

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